Bridgetown Finer Meats


Bridgetown Finer Meats opened its doors in 1979 with one objective, to sell the absolute finest products with the most outstanding customer service.

Now BFM has carried those same guidelines over to their premium Wine Shop, Produce Market and outstanding catering.


Bridgetown Finer Meats is your source for the best USDA Prime beef, dry aged steaks, roasts, specialty meats and gourmet food items.

We have continually strived for 30 years to bring our customers the best quality meats and food items. Prime beef, top quality pork, Amish poultry, fresh seafood and a vast array of homemade foods are what our customers have come to expect.

Our commitment to this quality has brought us to our Prime Reserve Beef. Prime Reserve is a four year old project by which we hand pick our own barn raised, additive free Black Angus cattle.

We have control over the feed and care of these animals thereby assuring us of the quality our customers deserve and expect. Prime Reserve is available certain times of the year. Call the store for more detail.


For years our customers have been buying quality products to celebrate many festivities. Events covering weddings, home and office parties, corporate functions, banquets, grill-outs and more are part of BFM’s repertoire.

BFM offers the best in custom catering and there is always the option for a full service event. As always our commitment is to the highest quality foods with exceptional service.

Wine Shop:

BFM Wine Shop specializes in fine hand crafted wines from all over the world. We stock over 1000 labels of very high quality wine from small providers and cult wineries. Everything is hand selected with extreme quality in mind.

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6135 Bridgetown Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45248.


(Meat, Produce, Catering)


(Wine Shop)



(Meat and Produce)



(Wine Shop)



Sunday: 10 am – 4pm

Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 6 pm

Friday: 9 am – 7 pm

Saturday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

The Nati Disc Golf


The Nati Disc Golf has an 18-hole disc golf course and disc golf pro shop. The Nati also has an on-line store with disc golf products and accessories.

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4800 Lodge Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45223.





10:00 am – 6:00 pm




Turner Farm


Permanently preserve Turner and Meshewa Farms, drawing lessons from our rural heritage to help build a positive future, demonstrating that local, organic, low-impact food production grows healthy communities and healthy ecosystems.

Turner Farm operations promote connections between people of all ages and the land that feeds them, in body, mind and spirit.

Through education and example, we nurture understanding of the rhythms of nature, and our place in the natural world, fostering recognition of personal responsibility for stewardship of the land and development of a nurturing community.

Turner Farm is one of three working farms remaining within the village of Indian Hill. It has been in operation since the early 1800’s. In 1994, under the stewardship of Bonnie Mitsui, it became a farm devoted to growing organically.

The farm is home to a variety of plants and animals, both domestic and wild. There are open pastures for the sheep and chickens interspersed with gardens and fields.

Hedgerows and meadow mix with wooded areas. Wetland runoff feeds the pond.

As Bonnie Mitsui’s legacy, Turner farm will remain working organic farm and education center nestled in the Village of Indian Hill.Mary Elizabeth “Bonnie” Mitsui 1944-2013.

Turner Farm:

Turner Farm is dedicated to connecting people of all ages to the land that feeds them.

A core part of the farm’s mission is to educate the public about healthy food, sustainable farming methods and to have them participate in the farm’s seasonal cultivation and harvest cycles.

With the farm’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) work-share model – shareholders are

required to work on the farm as part of their CSA membership.

Turner Farm Community Garden Program:

Beyond the farm, the Turner Farm leadership and staff have long been inspired by the work of Dan Parker’s Home Garden Project in Portland, Oregon.

Parker understood that the fresh vegetables that are essential to health are often edged out of low-income peoples’ diets by cheaper more filling starches and sweets.

He felt the best way to provide folks with the vegetables they needed was to teach them to grow them themselves through garden-based training.

Building on Parker’s Home Garden Project the Turner Farm Community Garden Program integrates its own tradition of community and shared work combined with its “Learn, Grow, Earn” initiative.

The program is open to anyone who would like to participate, and participants work in the garden in order to earn their personal raised bed gardens.

Turner Farm provides, at no charge, the resources to build a home vegetable garden.

This hands-on experience is coupled with regular gardening classes to provide the foundation of knowledge to inspire and sustain a lifetime of gardening.

It is not easy to start a new activity. Modern life can often get in the way of maintaining a home garden; something that requires attention and regular care.

If someone has never picked up a trowel or planted a seed, well, to imagine growing a vegetable garden for one’s family can seem overwhelming.

We want to change that and make raising one’s own healthy food a joyful and regular part of people’s lives.

Looking Toward the Future:

The Turner Farm Community Garden Program is committed to connecting people to their food through new collaborative methods and innovative urban land use with an emphasis on sustainable biological agricultural practices and civic engagement.

East End Community Pilot Project:

The Freedom Gardeners “Learn-Grow-Earn” project, the Turner Farm Community Garden Program pilot program located in the Cincinnati East End neighborhood.

It’s a variation of the Turner Farm Community Supported Agriculture model offering participants the opportunity to work in a community-based garden, share the harvest, learn gardening skills, and earn a raised garden bed for their home.

Learn – to grow fruit and vegetables

Grow – healthy food for your family and to share

Earn – a raised vegetable garden bed for your home*

Place-based Gardening Education:

The vegetable garden as pedagogy – through conscious planning and cultivation the garden serves as a model for best gardening practices – it is a “living textbook” with an emphasis on experiential learning.

Classes and Tutorials:

Classes are offered throughout the growing season. Topics include: plant anatomy, sowing seeds and potatoes, seasonal growing practices, managing pests, when and how to harvest, and preserving your harvest.

Gardening tutorials are integrated into the cycle of work at the garden.

During work sessions time is taken to weave agriculture instruction into the daily cycle of work to integrate practical experience with class instruction – the garden is our best textbook.

Growing Together:

During the growing season the garden manager has a schedule of days and times they are at the garden. Times are set with the participant’s work and family schedules in mind.

Times vary between morning, afternoons, weekdays, and weekends – but are on a recurring schedule.

When appropriate some gardeners may schedule themselves to work independently at the garden, although scheduling collaborative workdays is a priority.

* After participating in the training program and participating in the garden practicum, participants earn a raised bed for their home, as well as a season’s worth of fruits and vegetables while participating in the program.

Educational Opportunities:

Turner Farm offers a variety of educational classes; from gardening, to homesteading.
Come join us to learn a new skill or refresh an existing one. All classes are by reservation.

The Turner Farm Community Garden Program is offering a series of five free gardening classes.

During the five sessions we will work and learn together in the classroom and in our community garden in the East End Garden District – our “living textbook”.

Class topics will include growing fruits and vegetables naturally, plant anatomy, sowing seeds and potatoes, seasonal growing practices, managing pests, when and how to harvest as well as storing and preserving your garden bounty.

To help you better understand how to grow fruits and vegetables, and learn the annual cycle of work in a garden, everyone will work in their own garden journal.

The journal will also be supplemented with gardening fact sheets and diagrams to help you successfully garden at home or in a community garden.

Turner Farm Day Camps:

(For children ages 8 to 10)

Have you ever planted a tiny lettuce seed, pulled a long orange carrot from the ground, or found a fresh egg? Turner Farm invites children to experience life on a working farm.

Through hands-on activities we will discover how our food connects us to the soil, sun, water, and to each other. Together we’ll participate in the daily care of our organic gardens and animals.

We’ll plant seeds, weed gardens, harvest vegetables, milk the cow, collect eggs, and feed pigs and chickens.

After a day of farm work, we’ll relax by going fishing in the pond, reading a story under a tree, or making homemade ice cream.

(For ages 10-12)

The same as our regular camp (described above) but geared toward a slightly older child.

Jr. Farmer:

(For ages 11-14)

Like the regular farm day camp, this camp invites children to experience life on a working farm. It builds on the experience by working with the products and resources on the farm, such as food, draft animals, farm equiptment and wool.

Turner Farm Themed Camps:

(For children ages 6-10)

Animal Babies at Turner Farm- Explore the different characteristics of animal babies and their parents while you explore the inner-workings of the farm. NOW FULL!

Butterfly Camp- This camp will include identifying area butterflies, working in our flower garden, and butterfly-inspired art.

Woodland Adventure- In this camp we will learn new skills as we explore our great outdoors in the woods. Through fun activities we will re-connect with nature while exploring our beautiful woodland acres.

Come on back to our Farm Market, stocked with all the certified organic herbs and vegetables we grow here on Turner Farm.

We are open every day during daylight hours, except for Thursdays and Sundays (Come see us at the Madeira Market on Thursday afternoons all year long!).

It is a self-serve farm market. We invite you to pop open the fridges to see what’s fresh and seasonal. Eggs go out faster than they come in, but every so often you’ll even find eggs in our Egg Fridge!

Prices are written up on the chalkboard and we provide recycled grocery bags for your goodies. (We accept donations of clean, dry grocery bags, too!) We only accept cash and checks.

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7400 Given Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45243.





8:30 am – 8:00 pm.

C-Town Apparel


C-Town Apparel is a locally owned and operated clothing brand created by visionary entrepreneur and fashion designer, Ronald Hummons in 2006.

The C-Town Apparel line features 100% custom designed sportswear and lifestyle apparel, and represents the love Ronald has for his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Although Ronald experienced a tough upbringing in Cincinnati’s urban neighborhoods, it didn’t diminish the strong affinity he maintained for his city, community, and culture. Ron’s affinity and love is the spirit that embodies C-Town Apparel to this very day.

Ronald created C-Town Apparel as the self-titled Face of Everything Cincinnati; a statement that resonates in every stitch of the clothing brand. C-Town Apparel has been featured in Cincinnati area Man Alive stores, and is currently sold exclusively in the C-Town Flagship Store, located in historic Over-The-Rhine, Cincinnati.

C-Town represents a distinct urban culture, lifestyle, and perspective; as well as the rich sports legacy of Cincinnati, Ohio.

However, C-Town is not just about clothing… It’s about a way of life. C-Town is about representing YOUR city, YOUR community, and YOUR culture.

11056080_659892130822654_5980933012536853372_n 10885517_600867160058485_5099392258653491367_n IMG_20150417_080846 IMG_20150417_080243 IMG_20150417_080107 IMG_20150417_075138 IMG_20150417_075056 IMG_20150417_081638 11150687_659810967497437_5671763914075320981_n 10897885_600867080058493_7902851248324814199_n

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1600 Race St, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202.




10 am – 6 pm

Iris BookCafé and Gallery


Open the door to Iris BookCafé and Gallery and discover a locavore’s delight. We take pride in serving only the best of what Cincinnati has to offer.

Our menu selections are made with all-natural ingredients provided by local suppliers and coffee roasters.

While food is local, our vintage book collection is global. We carry books on architecture, art, fashion, philosophy, literature, poetry, drama, film, photography, cooking, famous gardens, Americana, and children’s book, many in foreign languages (including the largest collection of Polish books in Cincinnati).

Look up at the walls and you’ll see professionally curated exhibitions of fine photography, well lit and carefully presented, changing several times a year.

Iris BookCafe and Gallery is a culinary and cultural oasis in historic Over-the-Rhine.

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1331 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.




Monday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Colors & Scarves


Fashionable Clothing, Contemporary African Print Clothing, Scarves,Shoes, Purses, Jewelry, Home Accents, African Imports and More!

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7255 Suite D. Dixie Hwy, Fairfield, OH, 45011.




Tue: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wed: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thu: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fri: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Bottle Crafters


Bottle Crafters creates unique glassware from recycled bottles. Our efforts help reduce landfill usage, and allow us to do our little part to help the environment.

Our upcycled products include: Glass Tumblers, Melted Wine Bottles, Slumped Bottles, Glass Jars, Bowls, Lighting, and Vases, Wine Bottle Candles, Melted Liquor Bottles, Flattened Wine Bottles, Personalized Labels on Flattened Wine Bottle, Hanging Wine Bottle Candle Holders, Wine Bottle Hurricanes.

Most of these items are re-purposed from Beer Bottles, Liquor Bottles and Wine Bottles.

Buying these recycled and re-purposed products is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment by cutting back on waste and the resources needed to make new items, while still owning a sylish unique product!

We are located in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky area. We are always looking for empty bottles. If you are interested in providing empty bottles, please contact us.

We do custom items, so if you have an idea, or want us to make something from your personal bottle, let us know!


Who Are You?

Bottle Crafters was born one night while sitting around enjoying a cocktail with friends. While I was enjoying my cocktail, I was also admiring the form of the bottle, and thinking to myself how this would make a great drinking glass.

Not only would this bottle serve a great pourpose by being a stylish drinking glass, but it would be saved from spending thousands of years in a landfill.

Over the course of the next few months, I researched ways to cut and polish glass. After many months of testing, and cuts to the hand too numerous to mention, I was able to perfect a system for these recycled glassware products that you see here today.

What Do You Do?

I make things from reclaimed bottles, of course :)

When Will My Order Ship?

Many items on this site are in stock and ready to ship. Others will be noted on the product description page as to when they will be available, as they are made to order.

We normally ship USPS Priority Mail. Orders are usually shipped within 3-5 days of receipt, and usually take 2-3 days to deliver.

So, you can usually expect to have your products in about a week. If you would like your order expedited, please contact me.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, once you place your item in the cart, you can view international rates.

My Product Arrived Broken!

I take great care in packaging these recycled glassware products. Unfortunatley, due to the brutality USPS and the like inflict on packages, they sometimes (in rare instances) do arrive broken.

If this is the case with you, please take a picture of the product and email to me. I insure shipments, and need these pictures in order to make a claim with USPS.

Regarding your product, I can offer a full refund, or replacement. No questions asked! Well, acutally I lied, I may ask a few questions, such as: “Do you want the same product?”, “Do you want it shipped to the same address?”, etc.

I Have My Own Bottle, Can You Cut It?

Yes, of course. Contact me for details and a price quote.

My Product Looks A Bit Different From The One Pictured On Your Site, Why?

Each of our products is handcrafted and unique. There are no two exactly alike. If for any reason you not satisfied, please contact me.

How Should I Care For These Products?

Hand washing is recommended for our products. Please treat the drinkware glasses with care.

1451514_531694576913517_1017758330_n 149655_364734613609515_1917610418_n 391929_382786478470995_271120978_n 189622_373935616022748_166190460_n 574696_348656755217301_174575398_n 14411_369914073091569_1829829700_n 522999_370912769658366_1488359384_n 553871_344919098924400_598848037_n 579722_302953529787624_918099238_n 582161_324584994291144_1820775815_n 15812_724070297675943_6723415236774081647_n 418932_229768117106166_975931404_n 10433317_725280124221627_8136739054547045851_n 734386_424205634329079_168220222_n 10256525_623487287734245_341231778758221356_o

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4926 Moonlight Way
Independence, KY 41051.