Relish Modern Tapas


Eating tapas is part of the tapeo tradition of stimulating the appetite with friends while trysting and drinking an aperitif.

The art of the tapeo, Alicia Rio, a Spanish food writer, tells us, “is like a baroque, sybaritic game, as it pleases the five senses by means of multifarious smells, friendly pats on the back, the sight and beauty of the streets.

It induces states of inspiration and delight, it gives rise to witty banter on trivial topics and the interchange of snippets of juicy gossip.”​

Tapas are typically grouped into three main categories, according to how easy they are to eat: cosas de picar, pinchos, and cazuelas.

Cosas de picar (meaning “things to nibble”) basically refer to finger food. If a utensil like banderillas, (decorated toothpicks that get their name because they look like the darts used in a bullfight) are used to eat the food, the tapa is called pinchos.

Cazuelas (little dishes) are tapas that usually come in sauce, for example, albóndigas (meatballs) or shrimp fried in garlic.

Any way you eat them, our Tapas are renowned for their taste of presentation. See for yourself below.

Relish Modern Tapas is an oasis of new age tapas – small plates of familiar dishes infused with flavors from cuisines around the World.​
Eating at Relish is a dining discovery – just choose a selection of gourmet quality food which comes in smaller portions and share with family and friends for an enjoyable and relaxed dining experience in our restaurant.

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5947 Deerfield Blvd, Mason, Ohio 45040​.





Monday – Thursday: 12 pm – 9pm
Friday: 12 pm – 10pm
Saturday: 12 pm – 10pm
Sunday: Closed

Wake Nation Cincinnati


Wake Nation Cincinnati is the first and only full sized cable wake park in the Midwest! Our park allows both beginners and experienced riders to wakeboard, water ski, kneeboard, and wakeskate on our 10-acre lake, WITHOUT a boat!

The Main lake tows up to 6 wakeboarders, skiers, or kneeboarders at the same time with ropes attached to a moving cable that sits high above the water.

Riders are towed around our lake through a course of optional sliders and rails. There is no boat at Wake Nation and all of the riders are pulled by the overhead cable system.

When a rider falls, the cable keeps pulling the other riders and the cable operator is able to seamlessly add a new rider on to the system.

Once a rider falls, they will swim to the outer shore of the lake and make their way back to the starting dock to get in line for another ride on the cable!

The entire park was designed from the ground up to provide the ultimate ride experience to both first timers and experienced boarders.

Beginners love that wakeboarding at Wake Nation is fun, easy to learn, and allows everyone to progress at their own pace.

Advanced riders love the access to our state of the art obstacles and jumps as well as the ability to load the line for big air!

Wake Nation is great for groups and families because multiple people can ride on the lake at one time. Check our “Groups” page for information on discounts for groups of 10 or more riders.

Wake Nation is great for spectators too. There’s a huge observation deck so any non-participants can relax and enjoy the weather while watching the action out on the lake.

Our park provides free parking and free admission to everyone, so you only pay if you’re going to ride.

After you’re done hitting the lake, Wake Nation is a great place to spend a few hours.

There’s a full concession stand to grab lunch or a snack as well as a pro shop where you can check out all the latest gear, accessories, and clothing from the industries top manufacturers.

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201 Joe Nuxhall Way, Fairfield, Ohio, 45014.





Monday: 12 pm – 8 pm

Tuesday – Sunday: 10 am – 8 pm



Hopwater launched in early 2015 with four flagship flavors, guaranteed to delight your senses and please your palate.

Crack open a cold Hopwater and the first thing you’ll notice is the authentic floral hop aroma, heady and ripe, inviting you to dive in.

Each of the Hopwater flavors has a distinct personality, but all stand on their own two feet, and every Hopwater flavor has just 48 calories per bottle, and clocks in at 48 IBUs on the bitterness scale. Pick your favorite, or collect them all.

What Is Hopwater?

More than just a soda, a beer, or a mixer,  Hopwater is the creation of a new category of hopped beverages. Love hops, but don’t want the alcohol? Love soda, but not the sugar and calories? Love tonic water but don’t want the Quinine? You’ll love Hopwater, a refreshing all-natural craft soda with the aroma and pleasing bitterness of hops.

  • A delicious low calorie craft soda
  • A pleasingly bitter sparkling water
  • 100% vegan and gluten free
  • A healthy #QuinineFree alternative to tonic water
  • A fantastic cocktail mixer
  • Like nothing you’ve ever tasted before

For more information, including ingredients and nutrition facts, visit the Hopwater Flavors page.


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4800 Ridge Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45209.



She’s All That Boutique Northern Kentucky


She’s All That Northern Kentucky. We are happy to announce that the She’s All That family has expanded to Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky.

Our boutique is the hottest new spot in the Cincinnati Metro and will offer the latest fashions and footwear, unique & locally made jewelry and handmade gifts and furniture.

Stop in and shop with a purpose at our newest location. Your purchases help fund higher education for the girls who work in the store….come out and support our unique boutique!

11402296_1617110195212227_6805814024730819234_o 11406273_1617110078545572_5208329930464772854_o 11539213_1617110165212230_8459303499549407573_o 11537594_1617110041878909_4358275706232267647_o 10364084_1557442571178990_5711076518235967023_n 11025741_1577561952500385_6163304327998669022_n 11667543_1626053237651256_279710467221834718_n 11043030_1577561392500441_6802828723136591566_n 11244570_1637400429849870_8450984684849413866_n 11401009_1615922988664281_3170342070302218113_n  11694742_1624065164516730_3840319191981252401_n 11423399_1618613518395228_438556061484351564_n

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2508 Dixie Hwy, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, 41017.





Sunday & Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday: 11 am – 7 pm

Saturday: 11 am – 5 pm

Start Skydiving


Start Skydiving Cincinnati is one of the top five largest and fastest growing Drop-Zones in the world, and the home of the Work Stinks Boogie.

We also create more new skydivers than any other Drop-Zone in the world. Start Skydiving is close to Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana for you to skydive at.

We are located at the Middletown Regional Airport in Middletown, OH.

Start Skydiving’s skydive location in Middletown features a 1.15 mile long runway that can support extra-large aircraft for special events, more than 23,000+ sq ft of hangar space, over 600+ acres of soft cut sod to land on.

Free world-class coaching in all disciplines from world-renown professional skydiving team, Team Fastrax, as well as numerous amenities such as our patented self-manifesting system, indoor padded and carpeted packing areas, paid packing services, clean showers and restrooms.

A campground with a bonfire pit, free Wi-Fi, the Drop-In Grill, an ATM, a huge family park right next-door, and over ten restaurants and hotels within less than a half of a mile away.

Come see for yourself why we are rated number one by skydivers worldwide and… START SKYDIVING!

Skydiving for the Disabled

At Start Skydiving we are able to accommodate those who have the desire to experience the extreme sport of skydiving. Each disability requires special considerations.

If there are any concerns about whether your disability may affect your skydiving experience, please get a doctor′s opinion.

We cannot tell you how skydiving may affect you – only you and your physician can make the judgment.

Listed below are the disabilities with which we are experienced. For any skydive, communication is integral.

Hearing impaired/deaf:

Tandem Skydives: This disability does not affect the tandem skydive. However, the tandem master must be able to convey to the hearing-impaired student exactly what is expected of them (i.e. legs up during landings).

If desired, the services of a signing interpreter with knowledge of the sport of skydiving can be offered at a rate of $75.

AFF: Communication is critical here. AFF Level I requires a 4-6 hour long First Jump Course where the student learns everything they need to know to make their first solo skydive.

To attend this course, a signing interpreter with knowledge of the sport of skydiving will be necessary. This service can be provided for an additional charge of $175 per student.

Sight Impaired/blind:

Tandem Skydives: There are no special considerations concerning the sight-impaired.

AFF: Unfortunately, sight is integral to solo training, so we cannot offer this service for those that do not have corrected vision to 20/20.


Tandem Skydives: Due to the simplicity of the tandem method, there is only a minor effect. We have designed special equipment that must be worn and adjustments will be required, so extra preparation time will be needed.

For this reason, we require paraplegics to come out during the weekdays due to the additional length of time this skydive may require, so that we can focus on the safety of your skydive.

There is the risk of bone injury, so it is strongly suggested that you make this decision with your doctor.

AFF: Yes Accelerated Freefall is possible for those with superb upper body strength.

You must go through the same AFF First Jump Course in addition to a five stage program that includes wind tunnel training.

This program is expensive but if you are wanting to freefall solo some day it is worth it. The estimated cost is around $6500 to attain solo freefall status. Travel and lodging are not included in this cost.


Tandem Skydives: We are the only skydiving center in the United States that specializes in taking quadriplegics skydiving.

We have designed special equipment that must be worn and adjustments will be required, so extra preparation time will be needed.

For this reason, we require quadriplegics to come out during the weekdays due to the additional length of time this skydive may require, so that we can focus on the safety of your skydive.

There is the risk of bone injury, so it is strongly suggested that you make this decision with your doctor.

AFF: Is not available.

The ability to skydive will be determined by the Safety and Training Advisor (S&TA) at Start Skydiving. If we are unable to make a good determination, then a doctor′s note will be requested.

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Middletown Regional Airport- Hook Field

1711 Run Way, Middletown, Ohio, 45042.





Monday – Office opens at 7:30. Wheels up 11:00, jumping to Sunset.
Tuesday – Office opens at 7:30. Closed For Equipment Maintenance.
Wednesday – Office opens at 7:30. Wheels up 9:00, jumping to Sunset.
Thursday – Office opens at 7:30. Wheels up 11:00 jumping to Sunset.
Friday – Office opens at 7:30. Wheels up 8:00, jumping to Sunset.
Saturday – Office opens at 7:30. Wheels up 8:00, jumping to Sunset.
Sunday – Office opens at 7:30. Wheels up 8:00, jumping to Sunset.


The Jam & Jelly Lady


My Grandma Betty and Great-Grandma Marie were terrific cooks. During tough Depression years, these two formidable women founded and operated several small tea rooms in the Dayton, Ohio area.

I enjoyed cooking in Grandma’s tiny kitchen, where good, fresh food was a staple. My favorite canned good was the spicy, pink applesauce from her grafted five-apple tree.

We used old-fashioned red hot candies to flavor this sauce. Weekends at Grandma’s are a wondrous memory of apple smells, the sound of jar lids clicking, and the feel of warm steam rolling lazily around the room.

As an adult, I became a busy Information Technology consultant.  For many years, I traveled constantly, eating in restaurants and nuking the rest of my meals in hotel microwaves.

I never thought about canning again until I became a stay-at-home mom when my first child was born in 1994.

To make new friends, I joined a play group of (highly experienced) mothers who taught me how to make Jessica’s baby food using a mini food processor.

Mastering that, I though I’d go a step further and can some simple baby foods, so I purchased a few cases of peaches and began canning puree.

My new girlfriends howled when they saw my mountain of peaches and jars.   “Don’t you know she’ll be eating solid foods in only a few months?” they crowed.  Well, of course not!  This corporate idiot figured kids ate soft foods until kindergarten!

Hmmmm, what to do with all those peaches…  I decided to make peach preserves for my husband, Pete.  The yield from the peaches was a couple hundred half-pints.

My dear, patient (and highly amused) Pete suggested that we get a booth at our Lebanon’s Applefest and sell the surplus jars.  Whatever made us think we could sell peaches at an apple festival?  No matter.  They sold out in a few hours!

A Business is Born…

Well, that got me thinking.  I’d been trying to keep my hand in the computer industry by freelance-writing technical manuals.  However, I’d grossly underestimated the attention a baby would demand!

But a canning business would be great.  It was obvious that canning was something that I could start and stop as needed to care for my busy Jessica.

The spring after Applefest, I was invited to sell jam at a local farmer’s market.  Pete and I started Mother’s Day weekend in 1996.  I did pretty well at that market, and that year I canned 400 jars.

My goal was to sell enough jars to help pay for a modest camping trip, and I met that goal.  The Jam & Jelly lady had its first whiff of success, and we were hooked!

Building a Cannery…

In 2005, I had to make an important decision as my last child prepared to enter 1st grade.  Should I return to a corporate environment with a real paycheck, or could I really grow this canning business?

I was crazy nuts about canning (we’d grown to 3,000 jars annually in our home kitchen) and I loved serving samples of jam in our special “tasting tarts” to happy customers.

It seemed more like a never-ending tea party than a job!  And, I still treasured the ability to attend school functions during the day when most parents were glued to their desks.  How could I leave this lifestyle?

Pete offered me the opportunity of a lifetime.  He wanted to build for me a “Summer Kitchen” – a small-batch, commercial  cannery in my own backyard!

It took me a good 6 months to fully realize that we could actually do this – it was such an overwhelming concept.  But for two years he measured, wired, and hammered until the job was done.

Much thanks to our friends and family who helped build our dream cannery: Mike and Bill Staffan, Matt Roether, Jim Musser, Steve Collins, and Ron Wical!

Thus, only a few years after goofing baby food, there is a 1,000-square foot commercial kitchen just outside my back door, with a pallet of 10,000 ½-pint jars waiting to be filled with the best of summer’s bounty.

My commute is probably the shortest in history, and I have a stainless steel, 4-door cooler, a custom-built canning stove, plenty of counter space, and generous inventory shelving.

Most of our produce comes from many local farmers who graciously grow berries, peaches, apples, tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers for our small company.

251310_10150207118288477_2965739_n 11214281_10153123634123477_1996518986643620992_n 10953726_10152835137478477_322296554065513209_n 10514707_10152510695153477_3041612086646855281_n 534008_10151633812368477_1862402949_n 535398_10151326426103477_1928291281_n  1920401_10152053990703477_364865514_n 1743636_10152569521938477_8882013835713561453_n 10329160_10152902878388477_993515556872435539_n 11041709_10153011383603477_4812935303422878942_n 398484_10150515775993477_1304404377_n 10407305_10153149425828477_2823017127331034315_n

Website & Social Media Pages:


52 East Mulberry Street, Lebanon, Ohio 45036.


(513) 932-6470



Tuesday – Friday: 11 am – 4 pm

Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm

Sunday: 12 pm – 3 pm


Monfort Aquarium & Pet Shop


Monfort Aquarium & Pet Shop was opened in April of 1963 and is a family owned and operated business.

We are well known for our selection of live corals, tank raised clown fish and, of course, our fresh water fish and live plants.

Whenever possible our small animals and birds are locally sourced.  We try to keep a current listing on our “Fish & Pets” page.

We offer a limited selection of reptiles and have domesticly raised specimens when possible.

We are located in the Mt. Airy/Grosbeck area of Colerain Ave across the street from the Mt. Airy Kroger store. This is 1 mile South of Ronald Reagan Highway on the Left (East Side).

The biggest difference in Monfort Aquarium is the way we keep our fish.  All of our aquariums are seperately maintained. These aquariums are all independant to minimize the possibility of disease transmission.

Virtually every other store uses central filtration systems.It is a lot less work BUT exposes every fish to any disease in their systems. We have over 115 seperate freshwater aquariums and  over 35 saltwater aquariums.

Our Pets and Fish are special to us. They belong to us first and we care about them. We work hard every day to make sure that they have all the care and attention they need.

We worry more about the type of care that they will receive when they leave our store than anything else.

Monfort caters well to young families as well as established pet keepers. Our staff works well with beginners and we are very understanding in helping  you to be a successful owner.

We want people that understand the responsibility of pet ownership and accept that responsibility as caretakers for any of our little friends, We want your family pet to be an enjoyable experience for years to come.

1399225_10150553026359984_5824968205615333020_o 11058570_10150541571924984_7956185144845841137_o 10478180_10150417450134984_5335230142722851871_n 10514585_10150417447879984_276594831764181339_n 10635972_10150558499604984_4882863194887505071_n 17702_10150539430169984_1540918464288941240_n 10457858_10150555421744984_1930931484602286075_n 995077_10150539215294984_5182956708803520867_n 10500580_10150556870384984_3629870643133229308_n 10610904_10150471629794984_4387360204800153068_n 10922777_10150481207949984_4581542063324452332_n 10984239_10150494869749984_988880265104620157_n 11083657_10150510225749984_888709035927337340_n 11753694_10150557625774984_9032339920382013755_n 11391256_10150538751464984_1813826640483368913_n

Website & Social Media Pages:


6520 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45239.




Monday – Friday: 10 am – 8 pm

Saturday: 10 am – 5:30 pm

Sunday: 12 pm – 4:30 pm